Erik Rigtorp

I'm a high-frequency trader. I design and build sub-microsecond trading strategies. I rip the face off retail investors and engineer flash crashes. Just kidding.

I'm an expert at building ultra low latency, super high performance and highly concurrent systems in C++. I use all the latest shiny tools in C++14. I'm also an expert at lock-free programming.

I've studied at a not so prestigous and a really prestigous school. I learned a lot of applied mathematics: control theory, convex optimization, statistics, financial mathematics.


I'm available for consulting on low latency systems and data analysis. Just email me.

High-frequency trading?

Yes, I can't tell you much, maybe one day when I don't make my living from HFT. Read Sniper in Mahwah if you want to learn more about the business.

Live lock-free or die deadlocked!

Programming in C++

Data Science

Hardware Engineering