Erik Rigtorp


Jellyfin is a open source media streaming solution that can be used to stream your own media library.

Setup using podman

Download container image:

podman pull jellyfin/jellyfin

Launch Jellyfin:

podman run \
 --cgroup-manager=systemd \
 --privileged \
 --volume /path/to/config:/config \
 --volume /path/to/cache:/cache \
 --volume /path/to/media:/media \
 --net=host \

If running podman as non-root you need to supply --privileged or add the z option to the volumes in order for SELinux to allow access to the volumes.


Normal docker setup works fine.

To add hardware acceleration support, first export the Synology container JSON definition and re-import it after adding the following to the root of the JSON object:

"devices": [
        "CgroupPermissions": "rwm",
        "PathInContainer": "/dev/dri/renderD128",
        "PathOnHost": "/dev/dri/renderD128"